What matters to you?

I have a serious question: why, oh, why does the Super Bowl not start until 4:30  MST?? It’s just cruel.

I’m a huge broncos fan. This game is going to be awesome…. And it’s already got me tied up in knots. Broncos fans, you know what I mean! This waiting is killing me….





As I’m sitting here… Waiting… Not so patiently… I have started musing. Why do I love the Broncos so much?

It might have something to do with the FEVER that has hit Denver (nay, the nation!) during the reign of Peyton. It might have something to do with how freaking good they are.

But the kicker is what they stand for. For the most part, our Broncos are about hard work, patience, being classy, knowing what you say matters, standing with the team, and playing the long game. No divas. No thugs. No disregard for the humanity of their opponents.

I’m a fan of this Broncos team because of their values. Because what matters to them is what matters to me. And I can stand behind that.

Why are you a fan of what you’re a fan of?

How does that preference shine a light on your values?

No matter what happens today, I’m proud to be a fan #unitedinorange . Go Broncos!!!!


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