Making the most of it

The timing for this post is kind of funny. Its 60 degrees and sunny … in February! Feels a little weird to talk about winter warmers when there’s no need to warm up. That said, its always a good time for an adventure, so here we are.

Which brings us to the question of the day: Have you heard of the Passport program?

If not, get on top of it! The current one — called the Winter Warmer — has sold out but their summer passport also rocks and should become available later this spring. Its in 10 cities across the nation. And, no, it isn’t some lame coupon book or far-too-ambitious social networking game. It’s so much more.

“More than just a field guide to hand-picked establishments, every venue featured in the Passport offers a two-for-one special on a signature drink! Participating venues get to show off their bar program by picking their favorite libations that best represents their establishment.”

Once you’ve hit 2 or 3 of the twenty or so establishments, you’ve saved enough with the 2-for-1 to pay off the cost of the passport.  And you’ve significantly reduced your risk of trying out a new place and/or a new drink. In my city of over 4,000 bars & restaurants  — with new ones opening every day — no one has the time or money to waste on boring booze or lame libations. 

Risk mitigation doesn’t sound sexy. Sounds like something you should worry about when it comes to your 401K or buying a house. But the truth is, we only have so many hours in a day. And really — without getting depressing, just being realistic — we only have so many days. So how I choose to spend my time matters.

Take it one step further: I only have so many hours in my life, and I use quite a few of them making money. (I love my job, too, but that’s another conversation.) Therefore, how I spend that money matters too.  Truth is, even if we had more hours to spend, I’m not sure it would be a good thing. Ever heard that saying “if you stand for everything, then you stand for nothing”? If we had endless time (and money) to spend so we could visit all the bars and restaurants, wouldn’t that end up making each one mean a little less? I’m sure I’d start forgetting many of them … even really good ones… cuz it would be just too much to handle.

Now, wait just a sec: from a certain perspective, this post can sound quite superficial. Believe me, there is a much deeper discussion to be had about how to spend our precious resource of time … loving people, making the world a better place, simply enjoying each moment. That said, if you can’t take care with the little things, then how well are you caring for the more important things?

A night on the town — spending time AND spending money — is something we can do well or do poorly.

Which is why its so awesome to have something like the Passport to make sure my hubby and I make the most of what we have. And, yes, they do a pretty smashup job curating. Of the 10 we’ve visited so far, all were worth it.



For your own curation pleasures, are few of our absolute favorites:

Bar Fausto   – Delicious and creative cocktails, trendy vibe, delicious antipasto, super nice owner, a little spendy

Call to Arms Brewery – solid lineup (get a flight!), english pub feel, neighborhood gathering place

Ste. Ellie – classy speakeasy vibe, creative cocktails (that occasionally fall flat, but are mostly good), delicious bites



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