Snow day in RiNo

Apparently its the spring snowpocalypse. Just google image search “Denver snow April 16” and you’ll see what I mean.

But unlike many of my fellow Denverites, we’re savoring the snow today. With coffee shop time. wp-1460832594594.jpg

There is nothing quite like settling into a coffee sh0p — eclectic and humming with life — with a warm, heavy mug in my hands while gazing contemplatively out a frosted window with the snowflakes swirling against a brick red backdrop. Exhale.

Welcome to a snow day in RiNo.

Some people can find the hard wooden or metal seats and the strong hipster vibe too pretentious. I can totally see that. But I choose to see the rich ambiance created by natural materials, the incredible aroma of a loving approach to brewing and serving java, the connections being made by friends or family or the chosen families that always tend to congregate here. And its not just filled with millennial hipsters. People of many ages — small children included– enjoying a moment to savor life together. This morning the hubby and I had a fun time teaching high fives to the one-year-old with the toothy grin in the booth behind us. Seen through these eyes, coffee shop time can feel like melting into home… but without the risk of cabin fever.

I know, I’m waxing poetic. Perhaps a bit too much. Its the snow, I think. Snow aggressively swirling beyond the window looks like poetry to me.

Before I bore you or before I miss these moments, I’m going to go. But not without sharing a tip or two, should you be in RiNo and want to experience some excellent coffee shops. Sharing is caring, after all. 

Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen  wp-1460834579124.jpg

Delicious coffee — Boxcar #7 brewed right. Decent prices and a well-rounded menu (check out the menu pics below).

Bright & airy environment.wp-1460832528308.jpg

Plenty of seating space, including outside (which we did not partake of today, of course). But be ready to only enjoy a table if you’re planning on ordering food. Today we were kindly asked to relegate ourselves to a stool at the communal table. Also be prepared to get here early in the day or around meal times; it was a popular place at lunch time.
This also is not a place to bring the headphones wp-1460832538212.jpg
and dive into a book. You can, but conversation is more encouraged. Be warned: there’s no wifi.

That being said, their menu looked amazing —
we’ll be back to try it out. Someone’s curry dish smelled exquisite. And the plating looks beautiful (yes, I was the creepy person stealing sideways glances at everyone else’s meals… at least I didn’t ask to take a picture!).

Despite the lack of wifi and the request to move, the service was quite good. Everyone was nice, smiley, and seemed to recognize several customers by name. A real people place.

Think simple — in all its beauty & limitations.wp-1460832560487.jpg

The seating inside is pretty limited; on gorgeous Denver summer days, the patio is the place to be. Music tends to be pretty loud, but if you’re vibing on it, then it just adds to the experience. However, unlike the seating, wifi is free and plentiful.

No souped-up sugary lattes here. Just simple, sweet bean either batch brewed, aeropress, chemex, or espresso – ified with finesse. Their food menu has just a few items on it: the #1 breakfast sandwich, the #2 breakfast sandwich, and a couple of pastry options. But the coffee… oh the coffee. Rich espresso. It sticks on your tongue in the best of ways. And a solid cup of joe, with the insight on its origins and roasting to please any connoisseur.

And oh boy do they deliver on that breakfast sandwich. wp-1460832583821.jpg

Arugula, pork, an egg, some magic
sauce, nestled in a potato bun… literally one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had.  And the coffee is … well… everything you could want if you want to experience everything the magical bean has to offer. Huckleberry is a local and expert roaster. Nuff said.



Cuz I promised…

Menu pics from Stowaway…

Can’t wait to try these. They looked gorgeous!
Apparently, the baked goods change daily. Mmmm….fresh!
Your beautiful table waiting to be set with your delectable dish.




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