About this blog

Let’s not beat around the bush: I’m a nerd. So, let’s start with a classic nerdy move … defining what a curator is anyway.


A keeper or custodian, one who identifies, selects, and takes care of a collection.

custodian – keeper – trustee – guardian – conservator

Once upon a time, a curator was just a career, and was beholden to the world of art collections or museums or really rich dudes. But these days, social media, cameras in our pockets, and ubiquitous WiFi have stretched the bounds of creation.

This democratization of creative production extends to home brewing  and the food truck scene and…. its everywhere! Now, we live in a world in which the constraint on creativity is no longer access to resources or who you know; now, the constraint is the audience’s attention.

That audience is you and me. Every day, we make choices about what to spend (ahem, waste) our time reading, posting, sharing, recoding … what new food we chase down or beer we enjoy or ….The sheer magnitude of all the opinions and ideas can be overwhelming. So, whether we realize it or not, we must curate.

To curate is to create meaning.

To pin a recipe for Chocolate Decadence bestows value upon that delectable dish. (Be still my chocoholic heart!) To tweet about a rocking awesome band simultaneously excludes a million other musical artists — and one could say it even redirects attention from other artists. Curating creates boundaries, a context, a world within which we can begin to understand ourselves… and each other.

So join me, an armchair philosopher with a wee bit of training (thanks to an undergrad degree in Philosophy), as I explore all the food, craft brew, music, and any surprises that my little world has to offer. IMG_20151231_205802

Perhaps you’ll discover something you you’d like to explore. And the nerdy fun of it, we can consider how whatever we choose to experience helps us understand ourselves in this overwhelmingly huge world of ours. By philosophizing our way through our choices, we just might learn something awesome.


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